737 type rating

A Type Rating is easily said, literally a rating on a specific type of Aircraft. After completing the integrated pilot training you are qualified to earn money while flying a single- and multi engine aircraft. This sounds great but the commercial pilot license with a frozen ATPL is simply not enough to fly commercial aircrafts which are operated by two pilots at all times.

For this, you need another training based on the aircraft you are going to fly. This extra training is called a Type Rating.

Boeing 737

Quite some people ask me what a Type Rating is and what the course looks like. I completed the Boeing Type Rating recently and this is my story. The Type Rating is divided in different sectors and it starts with an intro week. The intro week is a busy week where you learn a lot about safety and the business itself.

737 type rating

For example; emergency procedures and customer service. Swimming with a life vest on, extinguishing fires and cabin related exercises, everything is included! Of course you also get to know the other people of your Type Rating course, which can make or brake the entire experience.

Are you a teamplayer? I was really lucky with my teammates. Normally in a big group of people there is always at least one person which does not fit in the group that well, right?

Boeing 737 Classic And New Generation Courses

I would not lie if I said that my group, of 12 people, was absolutely great. We all helped each other during the course and everyone was so incredibly nice and willing to learn. As I said, the people can make or brake your course.

Simpartner In the beginning of the course everyone gets a sim ulator partner. This is someone else in the course with whom you have to fly all the simulator sessions. Together you have to study and you have to pass the simulator sessions. My sim partner is from the Czech Republic and we get along very well.

Every day we studied in the mock-up see picture to practice, over and over again. Everything to get the job done, of course. It was literally like this: eat, sleep, study, sim and repeat.

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No social life whatsoever, so be prepared if you are starting a course soon! As you might understand this person is very important, you will learn from his or her mistakes and the other way around. Groundschool The first 3 weeks of the Type Rating are ground school.

737 type rating

Around 3 or 4 every week and they expect a high standard. Sounds strange maybe but you know what I mean right? Fixed Base Simulator After the completion of ground school you continue to the 12 Fixed Base sessions followed by the Full Flight sessions.

737 type rating

The sessions also include all kinds of different failures. Engine failure at V1, engine fire at V1, aborted take offs, pilot incapacitation during the most inconvenient time, rapid depressurization and a lot more.Course balance must be received by us no later than 14 days before scheduled class start date. Please use bank transfer or check.

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Please consider up to four weeks for the process. Applicants must successfully complete all the requirements of Subject Module No. The applicant must meet at least one of the following prerequisites:. Hold a Type Rating for a multiengine turbine-powered airplane.

Have been appointed by a military service as a PIC in a multiengine Turbine-powered airplane. Have at least Hours of flight time, of which Hours must be in turbine-powered multiengine airplanes. Have at least Hours of flight time in the BNG. Have at least Hours of flight time in at least two different turbojet airplanes requiring a Type Rating. If one of the above criteria cannot be met; then:. The applicant must meet the following prerequisites:.

Personal check. Bank transfer. Traditional objectives optimized by advanced technology and concepts. Copyright All Rights Reserved. Navigation thanks for browsing! Practical Test. Academic Ground Training. Flight Simulator.The inside only. The outside only. Inside and outside. If the crew oxygen mask is not stowed, then by:.

Opening both stowage box doors, the oxygen supply at the individual crew member station is shut off. What indications are there that the toilet fire extinguisher has discharged? An alarm will sound in the flight deck. The temperature indicator discs will change from black to white and the nozzle tips from silver to black. The temperature indicator discs will change from white to black and the nozzle tips from black to silver.

The passenger oxygen when activated:. Will depend on how many passengers are using each unit. Flows for approximately 12 minutes. Will shut off automatically when the cabin reaches 8, feet. The maximum windspeed for taxying is:. The engine start duty cycle normal start is:. For all revenue flights, the escape slide retention bar must be installed during:.

Taxy, take-off and landing. Take-off and landing Taxy and take-off. Sounds a horn in the nose wheel well until released.

HYDRAULIC system B737

Sounds a horn in the nose wheel well and main wheel wells until released. The aircraft water system is supplied by:. One main water tank with separate tanks for the toilets. A single water tank located behind the aft cargo compartment.

A single water tank located in front of the aft cargo compartment. The emergency instrument flood lights will automatically come on:. Whenever the ground service bus loses power. Whenever A. With the loss of all A. Indicates an impending bypass of the oil scavenge filter.

Type Rating

Illuminates the master caution ENG annunciator light. Indicates that the oil filter is being bypassed.Course Duration Allow 6 weeks. Accommodation is available at low cost. The course consists of three days of ground school and 4 hours additional fixed base simulator training. Our Ground-school course is conducted by experienced TRI's who will guide you through all aspects of the course. Pilots are welcome to come and visit our training facility. Want more Details? Why not accelerate your airline career with a self sponsored Boeing Type Rating.

The current pilot shortage means airlines are now recruiting low houred pilots with a Type Rating. In fact there has never been a better time to get ahead and make yourself employable. It is important to understand that not all type rating courses are same because each ATO writes their own syllabus! Why are we different?

Our 12 day ground-school course is totally instructor led so you will get a better understanding of all the aircraft systems and detailed performance and flight planning.


We now offer 52 hours of Full Flight Simulator Training. More exposure to the aircraft will pay dividends when you attend an airline simulator assessment.

We only train during sociable hours. We do not believe that training throughout the night is conducive to learning. PC or iPad options. Aircraft Base Training - 6 Take-off and Landings.For the best experience and to ensure full functionality of this site, please enable JavaScript in your browser. All of our instructor pilots and Training Center Evaluators are current or retired airline pilots.

More About Us. Crew Pilot Training is approved to accept Veteran's benefits. He can supply you with the necessary information for the application process. Get certified today. Learn More. Don't miss the opportunity to get sideways with us in the simulator. Upset and stall prevention training is just one of the events we do during the full flight simulator.

Apply Now. Need to gain Require a specific pilot specialty course to continue your pilot career, or just preparing for an airline simulator interview?

737 type rating

Crew Pilot Training can fill your training needs. Crew Pilot Training is devoted to advancing the careers of professional and commercial pilots from all over the world. We are committed to giving you complete and comprehensive training by highly experienced instructor pilots to ensure your success.

You will never get lost in the crowd. We have two-to-four students typically attend a class, meaning that you receive focused attention from our instructor pilots. Each instructor has thousands of hours of line flying experience at major and national airlines.

Finish your type rating in approximately days. Because we know your time is valuable, our rigorous ATP flight school and other programs will get you ready for your commercial pilot career in little time training times vary based on student experience. We have been proudly serving the men and women who have served the United States of America for over 35 years. JavaScript is Disabled For the best experience and to ensure full functionality of this site, please enable JavaScript in your browser.

Our Team. Start Now. Get Started Here.All rights reserved. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. Login with Facebook. Remember Me?

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Find More Posts by cuba Find More Posts by 3pins. R these organisations still offering such packages???? Find More Posts by Keen GV SimuFlite.Approved for VA Benefits. Contact for E-brochure This short course is for pilots with Boeing B airline experience. Objective: To re-establish currency and proficiency FAR Please contact us for info. Contact for E-brochure Objective: To provide a flight crew member with the differences from the Boeing B Classic to the Boeing B NG with respect to system components and operational aspects.

Furthermore, in order to receive an SIC rating on an FAA license, a candidate must perform one take-off and landing on the actual aircraft. All aircraft, flight training devices, flight management system trainer, and level D simulators are operated and maintained by a team of highly qualified technicians.

We seek to provide ALL customers with a challenging and motivational learning environment. After all, your education is an investment in YOU! You will need at a minimum an unrestricted FAA pilot certificate to state:. Commercial Pilot. Airplane Multi-engine Land. Instrument Airplane. To be eligible for simulator only training and certification you need a minimum of practical experience.

For the Boeing B NG program you must meet one of the following:. Hold a type rating no PIC limitation in a multi-engine turbojet airplane; or.

Have logged hours on B; or. Have hours of flight time in two different multi-engine turbojet airplanes; or. Have logged hours total of which hours are multi-engine turbine time; or.

Have been appointed by the U.

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